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Pamala Joy – Ashland Food Angels

Carlos Ludlow-Palafox said: "We are very pleased that our investors have made this commitment to Enval. It allows us to accelerate our business plan and realise our goal of helping to tackle the mountain of rubbish created by consumer packaging.

Starting from the CUE business plan competition, the investment process has been a positive experience for us and it has strengthened the company's commercial potential. Enval and its investors worked hard together and we have developed a great partnership. We believe that Enval's environmental contribution by enabling aluminium recycling from waste packaging has great potential. CREATE addresses the early stage funding gap between angels and mainstream venture capitalists and invests in companies focusing on emerging business opportunities that seek early international expansion.

The team has significant experience in dealing with medium sized companies, including strategic reviews, flotations, fund raisings, MBOs, mergers and acquisitions. Since its establishment in , CREATE has built a reputation for successfully implementing an innovative investment approach to meet the needs of investors seeking international diversification in specialist private equity funds.

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Cambridge Angels www. The Cambridge Angels is a group of high-net worth investors who have proven experience as successful entrepreneurs in technology and bio-technology.

Members invest in and mentor high-quality technology and bio-technology companies mostly in the Cambridge UK area. Members of Cambridge Angels have been responsible for a large number of the Cambridge phenomenon success stories over recent years. Therefore, in addition to a financial investment, the members of Cambridge Angels can offer companies the benefit of a wide range of expertise and experience in establishing and growing businesses successfully.

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Cambridge Capital Group www. Cambridge Capital Group offers development funding for early stage technology based companies, primarily in Cambridge, the pre-eminent technology cluster in the UK. We are a private equity syndicate of angel investors and have been active since , although the founders have been successful private investors in technology start-ups for the last 10 years.

In the late 's the founders of Cambridge Capital Group backed Bookham Technology and nCipher in early funding rounds, both of which floated very successfully on the London Stock Exchange in Membership of Cambridge Capital Group is by invitation, and there is a top limit of 40 active members.

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The group now has a full membership; new applicants must be recommended by members. The group makes several investments each year. The group includes specialists in tax, intellectual property, employment and pensions, providing clients with a full range of services. The specialist corporate finance team acts for all types of commercial clients including small to medium sized enterprises, PLCs, entrepreneurs, banks, venture capitalists, angel funders and public institutions.

WasteNot: SOU move out — A waste prevention success story | Ashland Tidings

They are experienced in acting on innovative and complex transactions in the UK and globally. The competition sees students' company plans assessed on the viability of their idea, the ability to construct a well-rounded business plan and the formal presentation of the plan. In the format of the competition was changed. The unique forum convening public and private sector leaders for networking, intelligence and debates on research and innovation. This site requires JavaScript to work correctly.

Please enable Javascript and reload the page. Press release from CREATE Enval Limited Enval , has obtained backing from a syndicate of investors to scale up applications of its patented waste processing technology. The technology extracts commercially usable aluminium, oil and gas from laminated packaging waste, such as drink cartons e. Tetra Pak and toothpaste tubes, allowing the waste to be completely recycled in an economically viable way. Looking for efficient setups?

Stuck in a mission? Post Reply. Contact Velox. Send private message. Anyone know if there is any way to change the land type? Or else anyone know a mod for a bridge I can run belts over I have a rail bridge mod or else a way to use non-green landfill?

Recycle & Trash

It's a silly thing but these silly things annoy me! Unfortunately I am running 0. Contact Rylant. It does a pretty good job of filling with the same type of texture of land around it. And I am notorious for literally using millions of landfill to fill my water spots. That seems like exactly what I needed! I searched through a load of similar mods but none of them seemed to match colours. I'm amazed that there isnt a decent bridges mod aside from rail as it would likely look a lot better than weird straight land bridges.