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Already a best-seller in the UK where its sequel, The Mayan Codex, has already been published , this fast-paced novel should appeal to fans of thrillers involving ancient mysteries and modern-day conspiracies. The premise: Nostradamus, the sixteenth-century prophet, wrote 1, quatrains predicting various future events, but only survived. Or so history said; now it appears that the lost quatrains have resurfaced.

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And two very different men are hot on their trail: Adam Sabir, writer of a popular book about Nostradamus and desperately in need of a follow-up hit , and Achor Bale, who belongs to an ancient society guardians of the "Three Antichrists" prophesied by Nostradamus: Napoleon, Hitler, and their as-yet-unknown successor. This is an exciting thriller, with two well-drawn central characters and plenty of action.

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Reading, author of a few nonfiction books about Nostradamus, is a talented storyteller. The book is refreshingly free of the cluttered dialogue and lengthy expository passages that can bring any novel—but especially one about ancient mysteries—to a screeching halt. A definite winner. Copyright Booklist Reviews.

Nostradamus and the Unknown Antichrist - HISTORY

A struggling writer and a mysterious assassin take opposing sides in a race to discover a lost prophecy. But the novel's literary merit and historical assessment don't come at the cost of suspense and action. A gypsy con artist and drug addict named Babel is teasing Sabir that he has possession of the lost prophecies of Michel de Nostradame, who completed out of a planned 1, quatrains of his predictions.

But before Sabir can ferret out the truth, the gypsy slices open his hand and marks Adam's head with a bloody print. Following Babel's mysterious clues—"Two words. Remember them. Let's break it down. One of gold could refer to Trump's love of adorning his buildings with gold, as noted by this YouTuber. Heck, the Trump Hotel is literally made of carat gold. It's also the color of his fabled hairdo. What about the brass that assists the one of gold?

Well, the ancient Romans left behind vast quantities of low-value brass coins called dupondii.

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The closest English translation? Pennies — or as they say in Britain, pence. And what's the name of Trump's VP candidate pick?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Next, another reference to that broken agreement we saw earlier. And finally, two lines suggesting the U.

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Nostradamus on World War 3

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