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Since then, the Commission on Elections has not lifted a finger to call and hold a special election to fill the vacancy. Section 4, paragraph 2 of Republic Act No.

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Villar resigned on Aug. Therefore, under the law, the special election for his replacement should have been called and held between Sept.

Actually, the Comelec should have done its part as early as Sept. Call We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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SOP Handling of Complaints SOP Transportation Unit. WI Dept. HF Accounting. HF Billing. HF Budget. HF Cash Operation. HF Dept. Emergency Medicine. HF Heart Station Unit. HF Hemodialysis. HF Housekeeping. HF Human Resource and Management. HF Information and Admitting.


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HF Laboratory. HF Linen and Laundry. HF Materials and Management. Boyfriend cheated and broody guy swoops in like the superhero he is Airport scenes? Arranged marriage? Rich parents' business goes bankrupt and it's up to their children to resolve it And hell, the best one of them all, deadly sickness and accidents. It's not that I'm hating the story.

It was actually well-executed. The dialogues were hilarious especially when Kean and Courtney are throwing barbs at one another.

LETTER PART 1 DOCUMENT PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

I just didn't like how the story went so fast but since that's the author's prerogative, we'll respect the pacing. Many people seem to have loved it, but I felt as if the story's lacking the romantic spark between the two Their banters were great but when it comes to the romance? Not so much.